23 Jun 2017

Lindfield Music Concert

The concert is over for another year.

While there was no real theme, the overall feeling conveyed was that music is fun. The two whole school items had a theme of circle – things returning and the general circle of life.

Some items fitted into a few mini themes that wound their way through the concert.

There were a couple of songs about how important it is for us all to understand each other and to get to know each other and value everyone of us – ‘Imagine’ and ‘Turn the World Around’.

There was also a theme relating to the African continent with ‘Circle of Life’ from the Lion King, Toto’s song ‘Africa’ and the final song ‘Turn the World Around’ which has its inspiration from the African country Guinea.

Traditional Songs also came into the concert with the children’s songs played by the Year 2 and 3 String groups along with the song sung by the Stage 2 Choir ‘Tum Balalaika’ – a traditional Yiddish song, and the JP Choir singing an arrangement of the Australian classic ‘Kookaburra Sits in the Old Gum Tree’. Teaching these songs continues a tradition, many of which are disappearing in this technological age.

The School Ensembles have all really enjoyed learning the pieces they performed. ‘The 4 Chords’ song that the School Choir sang had 28 excerpts of songs showing how the sequence of 4 chords is found in many different songs. This was a challenge to learn and the boys did a great job.

The String Ensemble have had a lot fun learning their two pieces. ‘Uptown Funk’ is an arrangement by Trevor Mee. It has got some challenging rhythms but the boys worked them out quickly as they know the song. ‘Wipeout’ is a good surfing song!

‘Party Rock’ had the School Band dancing, in particular the lower brass section where they choreographed their own moves. Lots of fun!

Vanessa South – Music Mistress


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