23 Jun 2017

Pastoral Care

Helping your kids learn to be responsible is one of the greatest life tools you can provide them with!

Responsibility for personal belongings, interactions with others and learning are important components of what we teach and model to our students and ones that teachers at Lindfield value highly. This is closely linked to the high expectations that we hold for each other and our students.

Teaching your kids to be responsible, and giving them more important responsibilities as they get older, isn’t always easy, but it’s always worth it! By teaching children to do things for themselves you’re teaching them to be people who have confidence that they are capable and competent.

Our Pastoral Care Policy revolves around the concept of Respect for All and as a part of that we are teaching our students to understand that they have rights and responsibilities within our school context and the pro-social behaviours that demonstrate an understanding of these rights and responsibilities.

Further information on teaching children to take responsibility can be found below:





SchoolTV Digital Resources

To assist Parents with additional resources Newington has purchased a subscription for all staff, parents and students across our three campuses to access SchoolTV.

SchoolTV is available to members of our Newington community. This is an online resource offering information and guidance on important subjects young people are facing today.

Covering topics such as:

Social Media and Digital Reputation



Drug & Alcohol Use

Suicide & Self-harm




You can access SchoolTV via Spaces under “My Places To Go”.

Pascal Czerwenka – Year 5 Teacher/Deputy Head of Lindfield



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