23 Jun 2017

Martial Arts Club Term 2

Leader Program

Our Leader Program has been running for several years now (although offered only comparatively recently at Newington Lindfield), with amazing results.

The Program develops exceptional young people to be capable of managing student groups of all different ages — including their peers — with grace, confidence and great poise.

In Term 2, we have two new little champs in the Program, Marcus C and Jaiden S, who are already gaining confidence in their roles as leaders.  It is quite a shift in attitude for the young ones — not all get such an unique opportunity — but they are rising strongly to meet this new and very different challenge.  This is a huge step out of their comfort zone, and it is completely voluntary!

The Leader Program has three levels, each lasting a minimum of 10 classes.  Beginning with assisting in group activities, participants move to leading whole sections of a class, then to assisting with more complex drills and techniques at the advanced levels.  Participants learn public speaking, how to manage groups and group instruction.  Through their involvement, Leaders discover the enormous benefit both to their own martial arts and leadership skills.

The confident young people you see often bear little resemblance to the person at the start of the Program and are deserving of very high regard.

If you know anyone who might be timid and nervous around other people and who might like to be more assured and independent, and who is aged 8 years and over with grade level Orange Belt or above, contact Sensei Marice.  The Program is free of charge and requires a minimum commitment of a term of Martial Arts Club on Friday from 3:15-4:15pm.


Sensei Marice – Evolution Jujutsu @ Fushicho Martial Arts


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